Free Porn

We went house-hunting last night. The second house we saw was in pretty nasty disrepair, including a rug that obviously was used as a battleground. The previous residents also left a Hustler and a Barely Legal in the linen closet, apparently for our viewing pleasure.

Exercise after baby

I managed to drag my ass onto a bicycle tonight and made it to the local Safeway and back, a 3.3 mile trip. This was my second ride - first being the night before last, where I hurt my ass so badly on the seat that I had to skip a night. Anyway, ass feels better and exercise feels good.

Prop 8 - California

If you're here in CA, please take the time to vote NO on Proposition 8. I don't really give a shit where else your political preferences lie.

Prop 8 constitutionally removes gay marriage rights.

Thank you,
Straight married lady


Am I the only one who's disappointed that Palin Majere will always remind me of Sarah Palin? Even though I'd pronounce the mage's name "PAH-lin" rather than "PAY-lin."

(no subject)

Just shy of beating Psaro/Necrosaro in Dragon Quest IV. I only get to play while pumping. I've spent a day and a half pumping since I got my hands-free pumping bra.


There's a baby sleeping on my chest who should be eating. Silly baby begging for food and stopping 1/4 of the way in.

Tivo of God's Blood and Burial

Our Tivo has gone to hell and died. It's been giving us the green screen of death and restarting itself all day. Now we have to figure out what to do, because there may be compatibility issues with the new ones and our TV service. Fuckety fuck fuck fuck.


I would like to thank whoever on the Discovery Health blurs out pictures of nasty shit such as organs and surgical procedures. Give me titties and cock any day, but keep the surgeries away from me.

Needing Behavior Mod Lessons?

My mom called at 7:30 this morning. Yes.. 7:30 on what is treated like a weekend (meaning we likely were up 'til all hours). As a result I am awake, James is snoring still, I didn't have to speak to Mom because James fielded the call, and my mom still after all these years does not understand the concept of not calling until 9:00 on holidays and other sleepy days. Every time I field the call when she does that, I gently remind her that it is an unholy time to be awake and that I will speak with her later. However, something's not working because she CALLED AT 7:30 THIS MORNING. Short of turning off the ringer on weekends and holidays to just plain avoid it, how do you convince someone to call during hours you keep? Difficulty: I think we actually live in the same time zone now, so THAT is no longer an excuse. Time for me to hit the behavior modification book and bone up on my techniques..